Casey Howard

Marietta, GA photographer


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Hello beautiful people!

Hi there! I'm Casey Howard.


Wife to Eric, mommy to Anna Kate and Millie and lover of coffee and fuzzy socks.

For me, pictures and the art of documenting came into play at an early age.


As a kid, I have a very vivid memory of my siblings and I all sitting around the kitchen table with my mom, while we each crafted our very own photo albums. My mom scattered the kitchen table with printed pictures and we each got to carefully select the ones that were special to us, to place into our own album.

Over my childhood years, my dad was always video taping us. The 4th of July neighborhood bike parade, Christmas morning, playing on the back porch with buckets of name it, he video taped it. Whether big or small, it was important to him to document our sweet family memories.

As I became a teenager, I remember always having a camera with know, the disposable kind you would buy at the had maybe 25 exposures, then, when you used up all the film, you would take it to the photo lab to get your pictures developed. It was always so exciting going to pick up your pictures to see what kind of snap shots you got!

And so, through all these beautiful experiences, came my love for photography. and documenting life's sweet moments, big and small.


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